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Dr. Robert G. Kraft has worked in marriage counseling in Omaha, NE for more than twenty-five years. An expert on the subject, he has attended a number of conferences to hone his skills as a marriage counselor and therapist, has taught seminars on the subject to other marriage counseling professionals and has spoken at a number of agencies, churches and other organizations around Omaha on marriage and familial issues.

While many psychologists work with marriage issues, Dr. Kraft has been focused on marriage counseling in Omaha for the length of his career, and sees a number of married couples each week. He has continued his education with numerous marital trainers to make sure he stays at the leading edge of this specialty he has concentrated on his whole career.

Dr. Kraft’s training helps him help couples go after the root cause of the issue, and regardless of what sort of marriage counseling in Omaha you’re looking for, marital therapy, or you just want to improve your marriage, Dr. Kraft has the experience and training to effectively begin to change your marriage. He has seen hundreds of couples over his career and is well known in the field of marriage counseling in Omaha for his success in helping couples. He also is extensively trained in helping couples work through sexual issues.

Marriage Counseling in Omaha – The Balanced Approach

Dealing with marital conflict is a core part of marriage counseling, and learning how to deal with fights better is often unavoidable. It is vitally important for couples to not take what they learn in therapy home to use in fights, and not to use it to learn how to fight better. Couples have to reach the deeper shared values under the disagreements, and when these are addressed, the fighting will often subside.

For a therapist to help these sorts of improvements come about, they must take a balanced approach toward a couple. They need to hear both sides and not take a side in any conflict. Therapy often cannot continue when a therapist takes sides, without quickly bringing balance back and quickly getting to the root of the issue.

Marriages can get locked in stalemate when the couple both is stuck on being right, and they can both be right – depending on their perspectives, beliefs and values. Being that balanced and impartial helper is essential to guide spouses past “being right” – helping them create change, for the better, in their relationship.

Expert Marriage Counseling in Omaha, NE

Marriages go through different transitions, and it can often be the case that the couple needs help communicating better about an issue or two.  Dr. Kraft has acquired a great deal of experience over his years of working with marriage that helps push a marriage through the problem, helps a couple get to a resolution for an issue that is stuck.  Couples often don’t know how to get beyond a difficult issue–contact Dr. Kraft today for help.

Every marriage is different, and each brings unique strengths and issues. Even so, being so experienced in marriage counseling in Omaha, Dr. Kraft has seen the patterns in issues that most marriages go through. He’s helped couples work through them for over 25 years, and can help yours.

Call for an appointment today, and let us help your relationship get back on track.

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Dr. Robert G. Kraft – Expert in Marriage Counseling in Omaha, NE


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