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No family is free from argument and difficulty. Different stages of life often come with difficulty – like when children grow into adolescence, or external problems may cause problems at home – like job loss or injury. When these problems don’t subside, then it may be time for you to consider looking for family counseling in Omaha.

Experienced Family Counseling in Omaha, NE

With over two decades of family counseling experience, Dr. Kraft knows how to help each family member try and look at issues they’re having and work toward what they can do to face them. He’s worked with families that have children of all ages, with an emphasis in teenagers and younger children.

There are a wide range of issues that families face that go beyond what people learn to face in their day to day lives. Like any other major problem people run up against in their lives, you want to find highly trained and experienced help.

Whether it be a long list of behaviors that often manifest during adolescence, or more serious issues like substance abuse, finding highly skilled and experienced family counseling in Omaha can help bring the underlying issues to light, and begin working toward healing them. Communication issues

From concerns about substance abuse or other dangerous behaviors to issues in communication and beyond, families sometimes struggle to maintain harmony and emotional health within their relationships, and finding a family counselor can often help uncover, analyze, and address specific concerns. Whether involving young children or siblings, or incorporating extended family members, family counseling often offers families a way to discuss their thoughts and feelings in an unbiased and safe environment, encouraging the fostering of stronger family bonds and deeper mutual understanding.

Your Best Option for Family Counseling in Omaha

Dr. Kraft’s experience is magnified by the ongoing learning he continues to undergo, to make sure that he’s familiar with leading edge research and family therapy techniques. His extensive training enables him to continue providing your best option for family counseling in Omaha.

Family therapy aims to help parents and children adapt to change and difficult situations. You could never begin to list all of the situations that a therapist with so much experience has helped families through, but a steady, experienced and knowledgeable hand like Dr. Kraft knows how to help parents learn to be more effective at guiding children through the often difficult, awkward and emotional stages of their growth.

Another frequent area of concern for families is overall communication breakdowns. For this, Dr. Kraft works with families to help understand each others’ different ways of expressing themselves, and to replace old and negative communication patterns with more effective ones.

Family Counseling in Omaha, NE | Robert G. Kraft, Ph.D.

Don’t be Satisfied with Just Getting By

Change can be very difficult. When a family has gotten into a rut in their relationships, sometimes an outside, steady, experienced, positive influence can be just what is needed for a breakthrough to occur. Whether issues are solved in a short period of time, or more deep seated problems are worked on over time, resigning yourself to difficulties is not necessary.

Asking for help from people outside of your family, and sharing personal familial problems with outsiders, can be hard – but the potential for positive growth is enormous. A highly trained, experienced and impartial voice, who’s been helping families through the sorts of problems you’re going to for over two decades, can be just the catalyst needed to get past what is in the way of your family being as close, happy and successful as it could be.


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