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Relationships, especially sustaining them on a long term basis, can be hard work at times. Most day-to-day issues can be overcome with a little bit of effort, but love and dedication – even in the most ideal of relationships – sometimes isn’t enough.


Why Look for Relationship Counseling in Omaha?

Just like anyone needs a good friend to talk to, couples look for relationship counseling in Omaha when they need a little help getting past a roadblock in their relationship. It is perfectly natural to argue with your partner on occasion – that comes with the territory when you spend so much time with another human being, with different habits, opinions and preferences on how to live.

Couples can go through a long list of relationships problems. External circumstances, health issues, financial problems, problems with family or friends, death and loss and other stressors can put pressure on even the strongest of relationships, and bring fault lines to the fore.


Relationship Issues and Solutions

Over the years, Dr. Kraft has seen, and helped couples work through, just about every problem people in a relationship could work through. From smaller day to day issues, bad habits that need to change and communication issues, to healing deep wounds caused by infidelity, illness or domestic violence – Dr. Kraft knows how to help you.

Counseling isn’t just sitting in a room with your partner and a therapist. Dr. Kraft can help you get past problems, but you’ll also take home things that you can have in your personal toolbox of life tools. Among others, Dr. Kraft can help you get a different, objective, more positive and practical perspective, and be more aware of underlying patterns in yourself and others. All are focused on what will bring the best long-term results in changing you and your partner’s lives for the better.

 Relationship Counseling in Omaha, NE | Robert G. Kraft, Ph.D.

What to Look for in Relationship Counseling in Omaha

No relationship is perfect, but when you and your partner consistently run into problems an Finding the right relationship counseling in Omaha wont magically solve the problems facing you and your partner, but someone with the right skills and experience can help get you headed in the right direction.

You want someone to help you that has seen it all. Dr. Kraft has been working in relationship counseling in Omaha for over twenty-five years, and has helped hundreds of couples work through their problems together and forge stronger relationships.

Dr. Kraft will help you learn the best and most effective ways to maintain and improve on your lives together. He’ll work with you two to communicate better, constructively move past disagreements with arguments do come up and deal with underlying issues so arguments come up less in the first place.


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