Couples Counseling in Omaha | Robert G. Kraft, Ph.D.

Whether you’re married or not, finding couples counseling in Omaha can help you work through relationship conflicts and improve your lives together. Dr. Robert G. Kraft has worked with a great many couples over his career, both married and otherwise. There are all sorts of relationships – from partners who are not married, couples working toward marriage or even business partners – that can benefit from couples counseling.

Dr. Robert Kraft – Couples Counseling

Dr. Kraft has helped with a variety of issues over the 25+ years he’s been practicing couples counseling in Omaha. Often couples will have one partner who has been married previously, and may have to work through lingering problems. Couples therapy can help couples learn the tools to work through differences, communicate more effectively, learn to solve problems together and even argue in a healthier way. Dr. Kraft has training and experience in working with sexual issues as well.

Specialized Couples Counseling in Omaha

People looking for pre-marital couples counseling in Omaha will find someone with over 25 years of experience helping partners work through a variety of issues here. With couples counseling, you look at what is going on with the two people in the relationship, the patterns they’re getting stuck in, and the values that underlie these interactions. Whether you think you need a couples counselor or couples therapist, Dr. Kraft has the experience with a broad range of couples to help you begin to change.

Therapists that specialize in couples counseling provide the same mental health services as other types of therapists, but those trained as Dr. Kraft have a focus on the unique situations and dynamics that come from the close relationship between two people. Couples therapy can be short or long term – it depends entirely on the situation the couple is in, and although it can be more or less often, generally marriage or couples counseling happens once a week.

Do You Need Couples Counseling in Omaha?

Like is the case with any relationship, partners looking for couples counseling in Omaha often have problems with getting into fights. These can escalate into name-calling, dragging up old grievances, getting defensive and a slew of other ways of keeping each other from resolving issues. Lingering anger and resentment, illnesses, communication problems, sexual and monetary issues can all make relationships hard to stick with. Couples often both end up being right (or thinking they are both right) but most couples don’t know how to move beyond the impasse of both being right.

The relationship with your partner hasn’t been going well for some time now. Both of you know there is a problem, but you’re stuck and don’t know how to get out of the rut. Distance seems to be growing between you, you’re talking less and less, spending more time apart, and sex… what’s that?

Couples Counseling in Omaha | Robert G. Kraft, Ph.D.

Your Best Option for Couples Counseling in Omaha, NE

You may be thinking that the issues aren’t solvable, but this is precisely the time for couples therapy. It can help you get out of that rut, and rebuild your relationship to the point where it’s stronger than ever. Couples counseling will help the both of you find your best path forward, so you can make the right decision, whatever that may be.

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